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August 22nd, 2019

Time to be Flexible Again!
Hello Parents and Students:

We told you that you would learn the word “flexible” by the end of the year and we were not kidding. It is time to use our magic word again. We have a change in our March N Spartans schedule. Please delete the football game Villa Park VS. Mater Dei that was scheduled on Thursday, August 29th, it has been moved to Saturday, August 31st but band will NOT be performing at this football game. Please plan on still going and supporting Villa Parks football team as a student.

August 21st, 2019

Snap! Raise Campaign Message From Major Jay

Hi Villa Park HS Marching Band 2019 Parents and supporters!

We’re kicking off our fundraiser with Snap! Raise the nation’s leading fundraising platform for groups, clubs and teams. For the past five years, Snap! Raise has helped more than 35,000 groups in the U.S. raise more than $400M in funding! I’m excited to get started and have one vital request.

I ask that you help your student identify at least 20 people they will reach out to via Snap! Raise, and gather their email address prior to our team meeting on Friday, August 30.

The list of 20 people should include many of your child’s biggest fans and needs to be completed in full to ensure our campaign is set up for success. It is my hope and expectation that each student will have a major impact on our program. Here are the next steps:
· Help your student select at least 20 potential supporters
· Enter their names and correct email into the NOTES feature on your students’ phone
· Avoid using emails of teachers, peers of your students, or strangers

Here are 20 examples of people your student should consider adding at a minimum.
Parent(s)/Guardian #1
Parent(s)/Guardian #2
Family doctor
Church/Social leader
Scout/troop leader
Family friend #1
Family friend #2
Former coach
School alumni
Local businesses that know you
Parent co-worker(s)
Friend of parent
Adult sibling(s)
Thank you for all of your continued support of our program!


August 13th, 2019

Ensemble Groups for 2019-220
Here are a list of the 2019/2020 ensemble groups that were announced today. Hope this helps parents out when we are trying to figure out what groups our kids are in.

Jody Lemmel


Rod : clarinet or soprano sax
Miles : tenor sax
Tommy: Trumpet
Darren: Bone
Alex: Tuba
Dean: Drums
Jake: Banjo
Vincent: Keyboard

Popo, Michelle, Logan: Violin
Ryan, Yahir: Trumpets
Rod, Martin, Jake: Guitar
Brooke: Bass Guitaron
Aaron: Percussion

Vincent: Accordion/Piano
Brooke, Patrick: Trombone
Darren: Tuba
Ryan, Yahir: Trumpet
Michelle, Sophie: Clarinet
Angel: Percussion

Miles: Part 1
Ryan: Part 2
Rod: Part 3
Brooke: Part 4
Vincent: Piano
Jake: Guitar
Kyle: Drum Set
Aaron: Percussion
Christian: Bass

Nolan: Alto 1/2
MIles: Alto 1/2
Rod: Tenor 1
Logan: Tenor 2
Sarah: Bari
Ryan: Trumpet 1
Yahir: Trumpet 2
Brian: Trumpet 3
Tommy: Trumpet 4
Anthony: Bone 1
Patrick: Bone 2
Brooke: Bone 3
Darren: Bone 4/Bass Bone
Vincent: Piano
Jake: Guitar
Kyle/aaron: Drum set and Percussion
Christian: Bass

Miles: Alto 1/2
Rod: Tenor 1
Logan: Tenor 2
Sarah: Bari
Kyle, Aaron: Drum set and percussion
Vincent: Piano
Jake: Guitar
Christian: Bass

Rod: Soprano
Nolan: Alto 1
Milo: Alto 2
Miles: Tenor 1
Logan: Tenor 2
Sarah: Bari

August 8th, 2019

Field Show Performance Schedule
It is football time which means it is time for our kids to perform! Below is the schedule for this years football games and locations. As of right now there are four home football games. One of those home games is Homecoming which we do not perform a field show. Which means there are three field show performances, one parade scheduled and approximately six away games. We are actively seeking additional marching performances at venues such as Disneyland, Universal Studios and Magic Mountain. Please mark these dates on your calendar.

August 29th: Mater Dei vs Villa Park @ Santa Ana Bowl (Away game) 7:00 PM
September 6th: Trabuco Hills vs Villa Park @ Trabuco Hills High School (Away game) 7:00 PM
September 13th: Mission Viejo vs. Villa Park @ Mission Viejo High School (Away game) 7:00 PM
September 20th: Servite vs Villa Park @ Cerritos College Stadium (Away game) 7:00 PM
September 27th: Villa Park vs El Toro @ El Toro High School (Home game) 7:00 PM
October 3rd: Foothill vs Villa Park @ Tustin High School (Away game) 7:00 PM
October 10th: Villa Park vs El Dorado @ Valencia High school (Home game) 7:00 PM
October 17th: Villa Park vs Canyon @ Brea Olinda High School (Homecoming) 7:00 PM
October 25th: Villa Park vs Yorba Linda High School @ Yorba Linda High School (Home game) 7:00 PM
October 31st: El Modena vs Villa Park @ Segerstrom High School (Away game) 7:00 PM

September 28th: Los Angeles Korean Days Parade