The Parent’s SURVIVAL GUIDE to the Villa Park High School
Instrumental Music Program 2016-2017

Download the 2017-18 VPHSIM Survival Guide here.


Welcome Parents (and of course Musicians!) to the Villa Park Instrumental Music Program!

2017-18 Summer Music Retreat (aka BAND CAMP)


When:  July 31st- August 23rd, 2017 (Monday through Friday) from 8:00 am – 2:00 pm.

What: Summer Music Retreat consists of opportunities for Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors to meet and greet, learn new music, be trained in marching skills, and prepare the new Field Show for the upcoming football season.
What: Color Guard meets the same time as band camp. New and returning members will learn
to use various equipment, such as flags, rifles, and sabres, along with dance, to express dynamic
passages in the music as they accompany the marching band during parades and all home game
football half-time field shows.

  • Wear clothing suitable for outdoor exercise (hats, sunscreen)
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes – tennis shoes preferred
  • Get a good night sleep and hydrate
  • Be sure to eat little something before you come, but not too much
  • Light snacks and water will be available throughout the day
  • Bring your own lunch
  • Bring your instrument (if you have one to bring)
  • Be prepared to have fun and make new friends
  • Did we mention hydrate?

Please Support the Villa Park Instrumental Music
Program With your financial donation!
Each member is asked to donate their Fair Share of $350.00 to help pay for:
• Buses
• Sheet Music
• Instruments, plus maintenance & repair
• Uniforms
• Assistant Directors and Instructors
• Uniforms
• Band Shirts
• Band Jackets
• And every expense to keep the VPHS Spartans Marchin’ Strong!

Your Fair Share will be collected at the start of Band Camp (Summer Music Retreat)
As this is a donation it is Tax deductible! New members will receive an embroidered band
jacket. Returning members will receive a program hat with the current year’s theme.
Parents are also welcome to get a Band Jacket, Shirt and Hat! Don’t just let your kids look
great! Adults will pay for their apparel separately. The Fair Share Donations help to cover the
Band Clothing for the kids. Please help by giving your $350.00 during band camp.
How can you give……YOUR FAIR SHARE?
Make Checks payable to “VPHS MARCH N SPARTAN.”
• Write your students name on the check and include YOUR FAIR SHARE in the memo line.
Checks may be delivered to Major Jay.
• On Line: Access the Villa Park Music Department at and click on
DONATE! You can set up for Paypal donations and click to pay!
• You can donate all YOUR FAIR SHARE at once or in incremental donations.
We ask that Fair Share donations be made within the first 3 months of school as expenses must be paid throughout the year.
¡Apoye el Programa de música de Villa Park High School con su donación financiera!
¡Necesitamos su apoyo! Para poder proveer un programa exitoso requiere de mucho apoyo,
físico y monetario. El departamento de música necesita sus donaciones para continuar con el
programa al nivel el cual ha puesto a Villa Park High School en un puesto de excelencia.
Este nuevo año escolar ya comenzó y con mucha fuerza. Con presentaciones en juegos, en
casa y fuera de casa, conciertos especiales y el costo de todo esto ya empieza acumularse.
Se le ha pedido a cada participante, que contribuya ¡SU PORCION RAZONABLE! de $350.00
recuerde que cualquier donación echa al Villa Park Marchin Spartans es deducible de
Si todos los participantes donaran ¡SU PORCION RAZONABLE! Fácilmente podríamos proveer
los costos necesarios, transportaciones de autobús, instructores asistentes de música, costos
de música, instrumentos, cuotas de registración para poder competir en torneos,
presentaciones en Disneylandia, trajes, uniformes y muchas cosas más.
Promociones para recaudar fondos solo acumula una pequeña porción de la necesidad
monetaria. Sus donaciones son las que hacen la mayoría de los fondos necesitados para poder
continuar con un programa de esta magnitud de excelencia.
Por internet: acécese y haga click donde indica “DONATE”
Puede donar ¡SU PORCION RAZONABLE! en pagos por Pay Pal.
En persona: con cheque a nombre de “VPHS MARCH N SPARTANS”
Escriba el nombre de el estúdiate, y mándelo con su estudiante para entregarlo directamente
a Major Jay
¡NECESITAMOS SU APOYO! Sin su donación, no habrá presentación en Disneylandia, no
habran desfiles, No presentaciones extras, ni nuevos instructores asistentes de música.
Todos los fondos recaudados y donaciones van directo a sus estudiantes, por favor done ¡SU
PORCION RAZONABLE! Lo más pronto posible para que Major Jay continúe asistiendo a
nuestros estudiantes ser las estrellas exitosas de Villa Park High School y nuestra comunidad.
2017-18 March ‘N Spartan ORDER FORM
Please complete & return with payment ASAP to the band room!!
Student Name: _______________________________________________________________________________________
Fair Share (Suggested Annual Donation, per student) $350 $_____________
Helps cover the cost of instruments, uniforms,
transportation and other program expenses
in order to provide a stimulating and comprehensive
music program for your student.
Scholarship Fair Share or Additional Program Donation $350 $_____________
Name of student to receive scholarship:

Dinkles – Marching Shoes SIZE: ________Men’s _________Women’s $25 $_____________
All members must have their own uniform shoes (there are a limited number of used Dinkles available
on a first come, first serve basis to borrow in the band room.)

Current Year Theme Logo – Black Program T-Shirt $N/C (No Charge)
All enrolled members will receive ONE t-shirt to be worn under marching uniform and at other times as
directed to easily identify program participants.
SIZE: ____ Small ____ Med ____ Large ____ X-Large ____ XX-Large ____ XXX-Large
Additional Program T-Shirt(s) x $10 each $_____________
Mark Quantity & SIZE: ____ Small ____ Med ____ Large ____ X-Large ____ XX-Large ____ XXX-Large______First- Year Program Member
Fair Share Embroidered Band Jacket – $50 value! $ N/C with Fair Share
Adult sizes only
Name to appear on Jacket: ________________________________________________
Instrument or Section: _________________________________________________________________
SIZE: ____ Small ____ Med ____ Large ____ X-Large ____ XX-Large ____ XXX-Large
______Second, Third & Fourth-Year Program Members
Fair-Share Yearly Themed Hat – $20 value ! $ N/C with Fair Share
Year-End Program Awards Dinner Banquet at Anaheim Hills Golf Course on 5/30/17, 6 p.m.
_______ Number of tickets x $35 per person $_____________
(Sorry, no tickets will be available “at the door”)
TOTAL ENCLOSED $_________ Cash, Check (payable VPHS March N Spartans) or PayPal
Booster Info/Meeting dates-times-locations
All parents of band members automatically belong to the Band Booster club. So welcome! The
band needs lots and lots of helping hands to do lots and lots of things at EVERY EVENT in
addition to raising extra money throughout the year. It’s a fun experience and everyone is
welcome to participate. In fact, the more helping hands, the easier the work is. Yes, we all have
busy lives with jobs, kids and home lives, but if we can all join in to help out, the band will be
better for all.
Long story short, come meet the parents of your child’s friends, have some fun, and help make
your child’s experience in the Instrumental Program memorable.
Football Home Game Helpers:
• September-November- Help set up stands, assist with half-time show moving of equipment,
Event Coordinator-Parades: 3 – 6 Parades yearly:
• Organize parents to help water, tuck hair, kiss boo-boos, and drive cars to parades for checkin.
At all parades the band needs parents to walk along and communicate to move the kids
along. Overall support is needed.
Event Coordinator – Golf Tournament Fundraiser
• This is a large event held in early November. It’s 144-person shot-gun start traditional golf
tournament complete with silent auction and dinner. The commitment time is July through
November. This will be our first year and it’s expected to bring in much-needed funds for
growing program.
Event Coordinator-Car Show Fundraiser:
• This is a large event held in May that is worked on throughout the year. Multiple boosters help
with this event so this is a MANAGEMENT DREAM! Commitment time is November through
May and this is the LARGEST MONEY MAKER for the band.
Event Coordinator: Fireworks Booth
• The firework booth is a great way to hangout, sell fireworks and use 4 days to get involved. May
through July commitment.
• Organize pictures and videos for the Instrumental Music Department. This is the dream job of a
person that can’t be at all the events but can organize and archive digital works.
• We need pictures and photos at football games, parades and concerts. Multiple Parents can
work together to create a digital history of the year-long experience. These will be shared with
the Historian
Event Coordinator: Hospitality
• Food, drinks and treats are key to a great performance. Assist and coordinate food (cookies
and coffee) for concerts. Coordinate End of the year Band Banquet – Pretty fun and easy!
Please indicate all areas in which you would be willing to help out. You will be
contacted by one of the Booster members when needed.
Your expertise can be used everywhere from driving our Thunder Wagon to
decorating tables. All jobs are fun and your help is needed to continue a successful
Football Games
Firework Booth
Car Show
Golf Tournament
Video / Photography
Food & Drink Donations
Please contact me to discuss how I can help.
Name: ____________________________
Phone: ____________________________
Email: _____________________________