1. All uniforms MUST be kept in the Blue uniform bags with hanger.
  2. All uniforms MUST be kept clean at all times.  If your uniform is dirty DO NOT WAIT – take it in to be cleaned, at least 7 days before the next performance.  Usually, a portion of judging is the overall look of the band, including uniformity, uniform cleanliness and orderliness.
  3. You are responsible for all parts of the uniform including:
      • Jacket (dry cleaners ONLY)
      • Pants (dry cleaners ONLY)
      • Citation cord (DO NOT WASH OR TAKE TO CLEANERS – NOT WASHABLE!!!)  Return to uniform shoulders after cleaning uniform.  Hook to shoulder flap.
    • Collar shield – HAND WASH in gentle detergent/Oxi-clean – do not take to cleaners.  Be sure to return to inside uniform collar after you have washed it.
    • Hat & hat box – NOT washable, gently wipe with DAMP rag or anti-bacterial wipe NO alcohol – will dry out leather of hat.
    • Gloves – machine washable on COLD, so color won’t fade.
    • Black socks – machine washable on COLD, so color won’t fade.  Make sure your socks are HIGH ENOUGH so that NO SKIN shows when your uniform is pulled up.  NO SHORT SOCKS!
    • Black marching shoes – keep them wiped clean, using “Armor All” wipes to “buff”.  We do NOT want shiny shoes.
    • Uniform bag – machine washable.
    • Band T-shirt – machine wash – cold water so won’t shrink or fade.
  4. When required to take uniform to cleaners (usually 3-4 times a season), we recommend the cleaners listed below.  All of these cleaners have worked well for Band Parents and have reasonable charges.  None of them are overnight!  Cost is approximately $8.50 – $10.00.  Reemember to plan ahead…usually 3-5 days turn-around.
  5. Students are required to keep hair off collar when wearing the hat/uniform.  If your student has longer hair, they will need to use pony tail holders, pins, hairspray or even the infamous thigh-high hose tops (buy a pair of thigh-highs @ Sears, cut the legs off & viola! Instant headband!)  EVEN BOYS that have hair touching the collar must wear it up!  Keep extra hair supplies on hand.
  6. Your student should wear the Band T-shirt under the uniform jacket.  It will help keep them free from sweating directly on the jacket.  Lightweight shorts or leggings work well under pants.  Anything besides the recommended clothing under the uniform makes it sit too bulky and TOO HOT!!! These are polyester uniforms!
  7. NO makeup of any kind is allowed.
  8. NO piercings that show (if they are new & can’t come out, use tiny band-aids to cover)
  9. If you have “cut fingered” gloves, no finger-nail polish allowed other than clear.  This includes all acryllic nails.
  10. After each performance, it is VITAL that you air out the uniform.  Hang them properly and let them dry completely.  Do not store in bag between performances — let it air out and use the bag for to/from purposes only.  We also recommend using Febreeze to help cut odor and “refresh” uniform.  These kids work hard during the shows and SWEAT!  If you don’t air out the uniform, it will mildew and will be ruined.
  11. Students should hang uniforms as shown at fittings:  Pants — seams to seam; Jacket correctly on hanger provided.  They need to be put in bag until home, then air out as indicated above (#10).
  13. Encourage your student to use deodorant/antiperspirant LIBERALLY before they “suit up” — they might want to bring it to performances for use after shows too!  This is a delicate subject, but sometimes it is necessary to be “blunt” — sorry!  We don’t want them to smell and hear about it from others.


This year we are pleased to have a dedicated Uniform Staff representative.  Any questions regarding Uniforms can be addressed to:
Amanda Lloyd
Suggested/Recommended Uniform Cleaners:

**Kona Cleaners (between Glassell and Batavia)
821 W. Taft Avenue
Orange, CA 92865
(714) 685-1900

Crystal Cleaners (next to Pizza Hut @ Tustin/Meats)
2095 N Tustin St
Orange, CA 92865
(714) 998-5170

Olive Cleaners (in Olive Heights center–at Lincoln/Orange-Olive Rd)
820 E Lincoln Ave
Orange, CA 92865
714) 637-7911

Mr. Best Cleaners
Villa Park–Ralphs Shopping Center

**Program Preferred Vendor